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The next day, Qin Lin looked at the game in his mind as usual.

He controlled the game characters to pick ripe crops and plant new seeds.

After that, he controlled the game character to enter the forest and put the wild honey that had been refreshed today into the storage room.

Finally, he controlled the game character to head to Mount Notre Dame.

However, the mountain goods did not refresh.

He did not know if it was because the time was not up or if the refresh mechanism of the mountain goods was different.

Qin Lin retracted his attention from the game and got up to wash up.

After breakfast, he went to the warehouse to move the ripe crops and wild honey out of the game and shipped them to the villa in batches.

Just as he was done with his work, Qin Lin received a call.

“President Qin, the two cars you ordered have arrived.

You need to sign the papers and register at the DMV.”

The car he had ordered had finally arrived.

This was definitely good news.

Now that the game had moved out more things, the crappy tricycle was clearly wasting some time.

The arrival of the blue truck would save a lot of time.

However, if there were more things in the game, it would be harder for him to move them.

He had to think of something.

His stamina was limited, after all.

After hanging up, he called Zhao Moqing and asked her to drive over to pick him up.

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Now that his car had arrived, it was time to return his brother-in-laws car.

Zhao Moqing soon arrived at the villa.

“Qin Lin, why did you call me over so urgently”

Qin Lin explained, “Lets go to the DMV.

The car I booked has arrived.”

“Is the car here” Zhao Moqings pretty face lit up.

Although they were both BMW 5 Series, driving her own car was definitely different from driving her brothers.

“Lets go!” Qin Lin said.

After entering the county city, Zhao Moqing first drove the car to the Mingyuan District in the East City.

She went upstairs and returned the car keys to Zhao Moyun before taking a taxi to the DMV with Qin Lin.

The DMV was in the west center of town.

When Qin Lin arrived, the owner of the car shop was already waiting.

Beside him were a brand new BMW 5 Series and a blue truck.

When he saw Qin Lin, the car owner immediately went up to him.

“Boss Qin, sorry to keep you waiting.”

The car owner was obviously very polite.

He naturally knew that Qin Lin was the boss of Qinglin Villa.

This was how society was.

As long as you had achievements, everyone would be polite to you.

The owner of the car shop greeted them and the registration and various procedures were quickly completed.

The BMW 5 Series and minivan were also officially under Qin Lins name.

When they reached the car, Zhao Moqing said, “Qin Lin, Im going to pick Mom up.

Shes still choosing curtains at the curtain shop.”

“Okay!” Qin Lin nodded.

“I also want to try this small van.”

After Zhao Moqing left, Qin Lin also got into the minivan and started it.

The minivan weighed 1.8 tons, which was the regular car weight of a blue truck.

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As for C1, the permitted range of driving a blue truck was no more than 4.5 tons, which meant that they could pull 2.7 tons per trip.

Under normal circumstances, most people would pull up to 3 tons.

If he didnt get on the highway, he usually wouldnt be checked.

In other words, this cars ability to pull cargo was three times that of the original broken tricycle.

Qin Lin had driven such a small truck before, but he was not familiar with it.

He did not dare to drive too quickly out of the DMV and took some time to reach the warehouse.

Now that the shipping problem had been resolved, the transportation problem had to be resolved.

Otherwise, there would be more things in the future.

It would be extremely tiring to carry things into the car every day.

If he didnt consider concealment and relied on the characteristics of the system, he could just stand in the car and enter the game.

When his hand touched something, he could move it directly to the car with a thought.

It wouldnt take him much effort.

However, it was because of his privacy.

If he disappeared and appeared out of thin air and was seen, it would be troublesome.

After parking the car, Qin Lin looked at the warehouse door.

The width and height were perfectly adequate for the truck to drive in.

The only problem was the steps.

They needed to be filled in and made into a ramp.

When the time came, he would modify the gate.

For the sake of secrecy, he planned to do these himself.

He could just borrow the materials and tools from the construction site at the villa.

Without further ado, Qin Lin drove the truck directly to the construction site of the villa.

The tunnel of the construction site opened another path at the intersection.

Moreover, the periphery had already been surrounded, so it would not affect the normal operation of the villa.

The person in charge of the construction site knew that Qin Lin was the owner of the villa, so he was not stingy and gave him all the stone materials and tools he needed.

Only then did Qin Lin return to the warehouse and start modifying the entrance.

He worked for most of the day himself and was covered in sweat.

He had to rest a few times in between before he could change the steps into a simple diagonal.

It was a little rough, but it didnt matter as long as it worked.

When he was done, he drove home to shower and change his clothes.

Qin Lin looked at the game in his mind again.

With a thought, he entered the game and headed to the storage room.

Reaching the container where the wine was stored, the message had changed:

[XX Medicine Wine!]

[This is a medicinal wine without a name.

It has a special effect.

It has a very good texture and taste.

It has a special effect: Blood-nourishing Qi circulation 2, kidney nourishing 2, and Yang-strengthening 2! It can treat frequent urine use 2.

It can be named!]

Clearly, this wine had the 2 attribute effect of both Cherokee roses and myrtles.

The texture and taste were only described well without any special attributes.

The words “can be named” surprised Qin Lin.

In other words, the formula for this wine was originally not in the game.

He had to come up with a new name for it.

“Qinglin Medicinal Wine” Qin Lin tried to say.

If he could create a brand with games in the future, he would definitely use the word Qinglin.

[TheQinglin Medicine Wine has been named!]

Qin Lin received the game notification and looked at the note on the wine.

As expected, it had already turned into the wordsQinglin Medicine Wine.

He grabbed a small container hed prepared earlier and aimed it at the containers wine outlet.

He opened the valve and filled the small container before taking it out of the game.

This wine had the effect of replenishing blood and qi 2, treating urinary needs 2 and strengthening the kidneys 2.

This was definitely a good product.

However, medicinal wine had a special attribute.

Just like ordinary wine, it had a time deposit.

The longer it was, the more valuable it was.

He had looked up alcohol last night and knew that the new wine contained substances that caused the wine to have a spicy taste and were relatively rushed and rough, such as acrylic and sulfide.

Drinking wine at this time of night stimulated the throat and tasted bad.

However, after a period of precipitation, some of the aldehydes in the wine would gradually decrease, and the quality of the wine would improve.

After two years of storage, the wine would be mellow and would have an excellent aftertaste.

After three years of storage, a stale taste would begin to appear.

The wine would taste more mellow, the texture delicate, and the aftertaste longer.

Naturally, under normal circumstances, 30 years was the best period.

If one wanted to brew a hundred-year-old wine after 30 years, they would need special sealing and inheritance techniques.

As for the medicinal herbs, they could also make the medicinal properties better dissolve in the wine over time.

The wine would taste better and be more mellow.

Qin Lin was a person who did not know how to drink, or rather, he only knew how to drink beer.

In the past, he would not even look at alcohol that cost more than 30 yuan, as if he could afford it.

He hadnt drunk much white wine because he didnt like high alcoholic content.

He definitely couldnt tell how much time had passed.

The note didnt say the time.

He couldnt tell if the wine was what he had guessed.

In the game, a day was equivalent to half a year.

After all, he was based on the conjecture that watermelons ripened twice a day.

Therefore, he did not have the ability to judge the age of the wine.

He could only go to the villa to take a look and let Master Lin and Chen Dabei try it.

He could even invite some tourists to try it and see the situation.

If his guess was right, the price of this brewing method would be high.

Half a years worth of wine and new wine.

That price was completely different.

If this guess was feasible, then a month would be 15 years.

How much would it be worth Well, he really lacked knowledge in this area.

He could not afford to drink this kind of wine before.

He would have to look it up online later.


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