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The next day.

Not long after Qin Lin sent the game items to the villa, Li Qing came looking for him.

“Boss Qin, lets go.

The mixed wine and materials are about to reach the villas parking lot.”

Qin Lin followed Li Qing to the parking lot and saw Zhao Moqing getting into a BMW with Lin Liu.

Li Jiawen was driving.

Li Qing stayed in the villa with his wife, but she followed him to the winery.

Lin Liu was naturally bored staying in the villa alone.

Last night, he had instructed Zhao Moqing to take Lin Liu to various scenic spots and snack shops in Youcheng County.

Li Jiawen had obviously been pulled over to be the driver.

Not long after Zhao Moqing and the others left, a Mercedes-Benz drove in with a wine truck.

A middle-aged man alighted from the Mercedes-Benz.

When the other party saw Li Qing, he smiled and walked forward.

“Young Master Li, Ive brought you the specially mixed wine.

Its more than 500 catties and 1,200 catties of raw wine.

42% is definitely enough.”

Li Qing smiled and asked, “Why are you here in person”

Zhuang Rui said, “Im just curious about the Qinglin Medicine Wine.

Who doesnt want to see the true appearance of the Qinglin Medicine Wine”

Li Qing nodded.

“And the other materials”

Zhuang Rui explained, “In the passenger seat of the liquor truck.”

Li Qing pointed at Qin Lin and said, “This is Boss Qin from Qinglin Villa.

Boss Qin, this is President Zhuang Rui.

Hes quite a nice person.”

Zhuang Rui was immediately surprised.

He had seen Qin Lin just now and thought that he was some lackey because he was too young.

Who knew that he was the boss of Qinglin Villa


“Hello, Boss Qin.

Im Zhuang Rui from Hengzhuang Liquor Company.” Zhuang Rui reacted and shook hands with Qin Lin warmly.

He did not forget to flatter him, “Boss Qin is really young and promising.

Im afraid no one will believe that the boss of Qinglin Villa is so young.”

Qin Lin smiled and replied, “President Zhuang, youre being too serious.

Its just a small matter.”

However, Li Qing said at the side, “Boss Qin, if youre still playing around with Qinglin Medicine Wine, wouldnt President Zhuang and the others, who have been drinking for their entire lives, want to commit suicide”

Zhuang Rui immediately said with a bitter expression, “Young Master Li, I also have a wine that has squeezed into the ranks of high-end brands.”

“Yeah, I almost forgot about that,” Li Qing said, as if hed just remembered.

“…” Zhuang Rui.

Qin Lin found Zhuang Rui interesting.

But thinking about Li Qings character, why did he only look for Zhuang Rui instead of someone else

Birds of a feather flock together.

Zhuang Ruis character should not be too bad.

Seeing that the items had arrived, Li Qing also said to Qin Lin, “Boss Qin, lets go to the winery!”

“Okay!” Qin Lin nodded and got into his BMW with Li Qing.

Zhuang Rui instructed the driver of the wine truck to follow.

He got into the car and started up, following behind.

The car soon arrived at the winery.

Master Zhang knew that Qin Lin was here and immediately came out to welcome him.

“Boss, Mr.


“Arrange for someone to receive the wine.

Well go into the wine cellar.” Qin Lin instructed Master Zhang before entering the wine cellar with Li Qing.

Master Zhang immediately arranged for the two old masters to follow him into the wine cellar.

Zhuang Rui got out of the car and followed him in.

This winery was much smaller than his companys winery, but he did not dare to underestimate it at all.

After all, this was a place that could produce Qinglin Medicine Wine.

As soon as they entered the old wine cellar, Zhuang Rui felt that there was something different about it.

He checked the walls and asked in surprise, “Young Master Li, this old wine cellar must have been here for a very long time, right”

Li Qing did not hide anything and said, “The exact time should be more than 60 years.”

“My dear, what a treasure.” Zhuang Ruis face was full of surprise.

Who wouldnt want an old wine cellar in the wine industry

However, there were too few old wine cellars.

Even those famous brands might not be able to find a suitable old wine cellar.

His company had also gone to a lot of trouble to get two sips of the old 35-year-old wine cellar.

That was how hed managed to squeeze one of his wines into the upscale ranks.

As Zhuang Rui was thinking, Li Qing and Qin Lin had already entered that office and opened the cellar door again.

Master Zhang brought a few old masters in to carry the wine.

To mix the original wine, they had to bring it out.

“The middle cellar.” Zhuang was surprised again.

He asked, “Young Master Li, is this also an old wine cellar”

Li Qing nodded and said, “Its also more than 60 years old.

Its a special storage cellar.”

Zhuang Rui was even more envious.

“Thats amazing.

With these two vats, it will definitely be easier to brew wine.

No wonder Boss Qin can brew the Qinglin Medicine Wine.”

When Li Qing heard this, he knew that Zhuang Rui had misunderstood.

Boss Qin didnt need this wine cellar to brew wine, but he couldnt be bothered to explain.

Qin Lin naturally did not explain.

President Zhuang could think whatever he wanted.

It would be best if this news spread.

That way, no one would probe further when he took the wine out of the game.

“Boss Qin, let me take a few photos of this wine cellar.

60 years is too rare,” Zhuang Rui suddenly said.

An old wine cellar that was more than 60 years old was rare in their entire industry.

He just wanted to freeload a set of photos and post them on his Moments.

“Go ahead!” Qin Lin didnt care about this.

If it were anyone else, he wouldnt have said anything.

However, Zhuang Ruis appearance made him even more aware of how rare this wine cellar was.

Previously, this wine factory could still be maintained even with this wine cellar.

This showed how impressive the previous management was.

Therefore, there was an ancient saying that treasures were covered in dust.

The old wine cellar was good stuff, but in the hands of a few ignorant people, it was considered trash.


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