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Qin Lin was completely relieved when he heard this.

He said, “Mr.

Li, lets take a look at the wine first.”

“I was waiting for you to say that.” Li Qing walked to the 10 jars of wine in the corner almost immediately.

These 10 or so jars of wine were obviously the oldest.

According to Master Zhang, they might have been placed in the winery before anything happened to it during that period.

Before Li Qing poured out the 10 large wine jars, he examined them.

The mud seal was complete.

It was obvious that they had not been opened.

He checked along the mud seal before carefully knocking it off and opening the lid.

A moment later, he smelled something coming from inside and sighed.

“Its useless!”

The waste wine smells unusually bad.

He didnt even have to continue checking.

Li Qing continued to open the second jar.

This time, he frowned.

“Its still useless.”

This also gave him a bad feeling, because the alcohol waste rate was too high.

These 10 jars were too old.

With the storage condition at that time, the waste rate was 100%.

As expected, after Li Qing completely opened the 10 jars of wine, they were all wasted.

Then he looked at the other older wine jars.

According to Master Zhang, part of the wine in the wine cellar was placed by his master, and the year was different.

The other part was placed by Master Zhang every year, and the year was also different.

After a series of wasted wine, Li Qings anticipation plummeted.

As expected, some of the older ones were still wasted wine.

“Sigh, why are they all useless” Master Zhang looked at the jars of useless wine and sighed.

Li Qing had already walked towards a jar of wine again.

This time, after opening it, he suddenly said in surprise, “Eh, this wine fragrance is good.”

He had already leaned in close to the mouth of the jar and fanned himself with his palm to smell it.

Then, he reached out and dipped a little into it before putting it into his mouth.

After a moment, he said, “Its 30 years old.

Its an original wine at more than 60 degrees.

It needs to be mixed to drink.”


“Ill go get the wine and mixing tools.” Master Zhang immediately rushed out.

Li Qing hurriedly shouted, “Dont use the inferior wine from this liquor factory to mix it.

Its a waste.”

Only then did Master Zhang remember what the wine in the wine factory was like and immediately stopped.

When Qin Lin heard Li Qings words, his eyes lit up.

How much was 30-year-old wine worth

30-year-old Maotai wines were of a different class.

The price of 500 ML varied from 20,000 to 30,000 yuan a bottle.

It was already very difficult to buy such Maotai.

With Qinglin Medicine Wines reputation, it couldnt be too cheap to hang theQinglin Wine sign on this 30-year-old wine, right

The key was that a lot of alcohol could be mixed.

If this was used to brew wine, how much would the medicinal wine be worth

The key was that if the news of him having this years wine spread out, he would take out some older wine in the future.

This was the best cover-up.

No one would think too much about it.

However, Li Qing had already opened all the jars of wine that Master Zhangs master had put in.

Master Zhang had not discovered this wine cellar for too long.

It had only been more than ten years.

There was no need to open the wine he had put in.

It would be a waste to open it now.

When it was old enough, it would be equivalent to a batch every year.

In the future, he would continue to put in a batch of wine every year.

In the end, most of the wine was still useless.

However, a few jars of good wine were produced.

One of them was 30 years old, two 25 years old, and three 20 years old.

They were all original wines.

However, the wine jars were not big.

Each one was about 200 catties.

In other words, 200 catties of 30-year-old wine, 400 catties of 25-year-old wine, and 600 catties of 20-year-old wine.

All of these added up to a very high price.

If the county knew about it, the person who would have to take the blame would probably suffer even more.

He just didnt know why Master Zhangs master kept putting wine in it but didnt say anything.

In any case, Qin Lin and the other two couldnt figure it out for a long time.

However, people often had some strange behaviors or obsessions that they could not figure out.

Li Qing also told a story about an old farmer who made wine and buried his backyard.

The old farmer did not know the purpose of burying the wine.

He just wanted to bury some every year.

The key was that his sealing skills were very good.

20 years later, the wine was actually worth a lot.

Later, this old farmer sold the wine and used the money to open a winery.

Then, the winery now developed into a very famous brand of wine.

At this moment, Master Zhang said, “Boss, we can only use this wine after we adjust it.”

The alcohol content was too high, so it was not suitable to drink it directly.

It usually needed to be adjusted to reduce the alcohol content, so it could naturally be directly mixed with pure water.

The texture and taste would be very different.

After mixing, the alcohol content of the original wine decreased, but the quantity increased.

In other words, the amount of wine after mixing far exceeded the current amount.

At this moment, Li Qing hurriedly said, “Boss Qin, let me help you mix these wines.

If you use these wines to brew that medicinal wine, it should be silver-grade, right Give me two bottles first.”

“Ill give you four bottles,” Qin Lin immediately said.

With the system around, the so-called bronze and silver wines were not a problem for him.

However, it was different for Li Qing to personally mix the drinks.

Li Qings research on wine was definitely very good.

The wine that he mixed would definitely be able to maintain its fragrance and texture.

If he used this to soak the wine, the quality of the medicinal wine would also be better.

“Deal.” Without hesitation, Li Qing picked up his phone and made a call.

He was actually eager to try mixing these aged wines.

After all, this was a rare opportunity for him.

As soon as the call went through, Li Qing said, “President Zhuang, its me!”


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