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Naturally, this was just a thought.

It would be too vulgar.

On the other hand, if any of his friends had hemorrhoids, he could give them some wine.

In addition, after brewing the wine, he could also sell some in the sales center.

This thing could be sold at a higher price, so there should be many people who need it.

With that in mind, Qin Lin activated the game and started calculating.

This time, he obtained one wild ginseng and nine bitter ginseng.

According to the ratio of ginseng to wine, it was about 1:10.

In other words, this wild ginseng could only be soaked in 10 catties of wine.

If the game did not refresh the wild ginseng in the future, this would be the only 10 catties.

Although he was not satisfied, Qin Lin knew that even if there were only 10 catties of medicinal wine, it would make countless rich people go crazy.

As for the nine bitter ginsengs, they could be soaked in 45 catties of medicinal wine.

This time, Qin Lin wasnt in a hurry to buy white wine.

This was because he was about to acquire the countys wine factory.

When the time came, he would get the countys old wine cellar to make some white wine that had a natural fragrance and tasted good.

With such conditions, he couldnt possibly go out and buy some ordinary white wine.

That would be a little disrespectful to this wild ginseng.

There was a saying that whatever one wanted would come true.

Before noon, Chen Li came to the door with a document and a few people.

His goal was to deal with the winery.

Was the county anxious to shake off the burden of the enterprise More so than he, the acquisition man.

When Chen Li saw Qin Lin, he handed him the documents in his hand and said, “Boss Qin, some of the procedures for the winery have been completed.

Take a look at these documents and contracts.

You just have to sign them.

These people will make a record.”

Qin Lin took the information and looked at it.

After a moment, he looked at Chen Li in surprise.

“Chief Chen, theres something wrong with this contract.

Why is it just selling the wine cellar”

The winery was a county enterprise.

The value assessment would not only include the wine cellar, but also other aspects of the value.


Not only was the price of this wine cellar a little low, but it also did not make sense.

When Chen Li heard this, he sighed and explained, “Master Zhang is right.

The management of the winery is indeed a little complicated.

It will take some time for the county to deal with it, and it will take a long time to fill in some troublesome pits.”

“Therefore, the county separated the right to use the wine cellar and the factorys land and sold them to Qinglin Villa.

After that, the wine factory declared bankruptcy.

Moreover, this way, they would be able to complete the process in less than a week.”

Chen Li didnt say it too bluntly, but Qin Lin understood.

In other words, those people were really nothing.

However, he still took out his phone in front of Chen Li and took a photo of the information and contract.

Then, he found Senior Brother Chus WeChat and sent it over.

“Ill have to trouble Senior Brother Chu to take a look at this contract again.”

At the same time, he transferred 5,000 yuan to her.

After a while, Senior Brother Chu also replied, “Qin Lin, your business is getting bigger and bigger.

Youre going to buy your countys winery again.


Qin Lin replied, “Senior Brother Chu, Im sorry.

Its just a small matter.”

Senior Brother Chu sent a stunned expression.

“Youre still arguing How will the students in the university club feel”

“Ive already evaluated your villa and food company.

I think youll need a professional lawyer to solve your legal problems soon.

How about considering our Power Law Firm”

Qin Lin thought for a moment and immediately replied, “Senior Brother Chu, Ill definitely look for you when the time comes.”

Senior Brother Chu sent a smiling emoji and replied, “Then its settled.

Now, Ill look at the contract.”

Not long after.

Senior Brother Chu replied.

There was nothing wrong with the contract given by the county.

There were no hidden dangers.

One could see the sincerity.

Seeing this, Qin Lin did not hesitate and directly signed the contract.

Then, he spent half a day with Chen Li at the Industry and Commerce Department.

Next, he had to spend three days before going through the procedures.

However, at this point, Qin Lin already had the right to implement the liquor factory.

When Qin Lin returned to the villa, Li Qing immediately went to look for him.

“Boss Qin, I heard from the villa that you left with Chief Chen.

Have you signed the papers”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Looks like Mr.

Li is also anxious to see that cellar.”

Li Qing did not deny it.

He smiled and said, “Of course its urgent.

If I wasnt afraid that Youcheng County would raise the price for you when they found out, I would have said it then.”

Qin Lin smiled when he heard this and brought Li Qing to the winery.

On the contract with the county, these masters of the winery were left behind, including Master Zhang.

However, after hearing Li Qings words, he wanted to figure out what Master Zhang was up to and what he was hiding in the winery.

If he doesnt find out, who knows if this man was loyal or treacherous

When Qin Lin stopped the car at the winery with Li Qing, he was surprised to find Master Zhang and his men adjusting the inlet of the reservoir.

“Boss Qin!” When Master Zhang saw Qin Lin, he went forward in surprise.

“Master Zhang, we meet again.” Qin Lin greeted Master Zhang when he saw him.

At the same time, he was thinking about how to ask about the cellar.

After all, he did not know if Master Zhang was loyal or not, so he could not be too direct.

However, to his surprise, Master Zhang asked first, “Boss Qin, youre here again.

Have you signed a contract with the county”

“Yes, Ive already signed it.” Qin Lin nodded and didnt hide anything.

“Its signed, thats good!” When Master Zhang heard this news, his face clearly lit up.

He immediately ran into the factory and shouted to the other masters, “Everyone, get off work today.

Boss Qin has bought the winery to give everyone a break.

Later on, he will buy new materials to make wine.

Dont use those rubbish materials anymore.”

Hearing this, those masters stopped and walked out one by one.

Seeing that Qin Lin wanted to greet him and ask something, Master Zhang immediately urged, “Hurry up and leave.

Dont disturb Boss Qin, or Ill fire you.”

Master Zhang was still very prestigious in the eyes of those winemakers.

They did not stay and directly rode their motorcycles down the mountain.

Qin Lin couldnt figure out what Master Zhang was going to do, but when he saw this scene, he frowned and said, “Its not safe for old masters to ride bicycles like this.

After the winery is done, get a special car to send them down the mountain!”

“Weve met a good boss.” Master Zhang was obviously very happy to hear this.

Then, he pulled Qin Lin towards the wine cellar.

“Boss Qin, since youve already signed it, the county cant go back on their word, right Ill show you a good place.”

Saying that, he even smiled mysteriously and said, “Boss Qin is a person who knows alcohol.

You should have drunk aged wine before, right Ill let you try our winerys aged wine today.”

Hearing this, Qin Lin subconsciously looked at Li Qing and instantly understood what he meant.


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