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Qin Lins eyes lit up when he saw the notification.

When he saw the radish logo, he guessed that it might be ginseng.

He didnt expect it to be true.

With this unexpected gain, he excitedly controlled the game character to continue walking towards Mount Notre Dame.

He had obtained mountain goods.

He couldnt just obtain this wild ginseng, right

A moment later, another cartoon radish-like icon appeared on the game characters screen.

Qin Lin hurriedly controlled his game character to go forward and pick it.

[Congratulations on obtaining a wild bitter ginseng!]

It was not a wild ginseng anymore, but a bitter ginseng.

Although they were both ginseng, the effects of the two types of ginseng were somewhat different.

They were also not from the same family.

Naturally, no matter what the effects were, these were all good things.

This thing was at least of a higher level than the Cherokee roses and myrtle, right

Qin Lin hadnt harvested any mountain goods from Mount Notre Dame during this period of time.

He didnt expect good things to appear today.

He controlled the game to go deeper into Mount Notre Dame.

A moment later, another icon of a cartoon radish appeared.

This was another gain.

[Congratulations on obtaining a wild bitter ginseng!]

[Congratulations on obtaining a wild bitter ginseng!]


[Congratulations on obtaining a wild bitter ginseng!]


The game character strolled around Mount Notre Dame and picked the last bitter ginseng.

This time, only wild ginseng and bitter ginseng were refreshed, and a total of 10 stalks were harvested.

Moreover, there was only one wild ginseng and the other nine were bitter ginseng.

This was enough to make Qin Lin happy, especially the wild ginseng.

To be honest, he had heard a lot about ginseng in his life, but he had never eaten ginseng before.

This was a little shallow.

Qin Lin controlled the game character to return to the ranch.

Then, with a thought, he entered the game immediately.

A moment later, when he had two bitter ginsengs, his face was completely incredulous.

This was almost half a catty.

It was rare to see bitter ginseng this big.

However, when Qin Lin picked up the wild ginseng, he was stunned.

It was almost the size of a small radish.

The main body and roots should weigh a catty.

What did one catty of wild ginseng mean

Wild ginseng this big in modern society was rarely seen, wasnt it

It must be 100 years old.

Hed once read the news that a 100-year-old wild ginseng had been purchased by a tycoon for nine million yuan.

This might be the most expensive thing he had obtained since he started the system.

Qin Lin immediately focused and looked at the attributes of the wild ginseng.

[(Rare) Wild Ginseng: Quality 3]

[This is a wild ginseng.

There are very few of them and they are rare items in the game.

The chances of them being refreshed are extremely low.

You can obtain a large amount of gold coins by selling them to Zach.

This is an excellent ingredient for brewing wine.

The medicinal wine that is brewed has many effects: nourishing essence 3, nourishing spleen and lungs 2, nourishing spirit 2… heart palpitations -1, insomnia and forgetfulness -1!]

Qin Lin was stunned when he saw the attributes of this wild ginseng.

From the words “extremely low refresh rate” and “rare” in the remark, it could be seen that this thing was extremely rare even in the game.

The key was that he was lucky.

He could not trigger the extremely low chance of mutation of the Xiangshui Tribute Rice, but he had triggered the extremely low chance of refreshing this rare wild ginseng.

This was probably what it meant by when one door shuts, another door opens.

Moreover, the effects of this rare Quality 3 wild ginseng were awesome.

There were nearly 20 effects.

However, there were also 2 effects and 1 effects.

Moreover, most of them were 1 effects.

The 2 effect should be the main effect, and the 1 effect should be the auxiliary effect.

After all, many medicinal herbs could be used as both the main and side effects.

Of course, the most impressive thing about this wild ginseng was still its 3 attribute.

What was its vitality

Traditional Chinese medical science has vitality as the basis of human beings.

Therefore, there were many legends about ginseng replenishing vitality.

In particular, it was said that ginseng that was more than a hundred years old had the effect of nourishing ones vitality.

It could effectively recover the vitality in a dying patients body and make them regain their vitality.

Therefore, it could be used to prolong ones life.

There were even rumors that when a gambling magnate was on the verge of death, he did not have enough vitality to undergo surgery.

He even bought medicinal wine brewed with ginseng to replenish his vitality.

Naturally, this was just a rumor and no one knew if it was true.

However, Qin Lin was certain that the Quality 3 wild ginseng produced by his game definitely had a great replenishing effect, and it was even 3.

This was definitely something that could save his life at a critical moment.

Unfortunately, this was the only one.

How good would it be if all 10 of them were this

But looking at the words “rare” and “low refresh rate”, he knew that he was daydreaming.

Then, Qin Lin looked at the other nine bitter ginsengs.

As these nine bitter ginsengs had been refreshed by the system, their sizes were the same, and so were their remarks.

[Wild Bitter Ginseng: Quality 2]

[This is a special wild bitter ginseng.

This is an excellent ingredient for brewing wine.

The medicinal wine that is brewed has very strong medical effects: treating acne 2, treating internal hemorrhoids 2, treating external sores and prolapse 2, clearing heat and humidity 1… eczema -1, wet sores, 1, skin itch -1!]

There were still many effects of this bitter ginseng.

There were more than a dozen, and most of them were 1.

However, when Qin Lin saw the main 2 function, his jaw dropped.

There was something wrong with this game planner.

He even suspected that the other party had hemorrhoids when he set up this prop.

Treat hemorrhoids 2, internal hemorrhoids 2, external sores 2.

With these three attributes combined, the game planners situation seemed to be very serious.

Could it be that after these bitter ginsengs were soaked in medicinal wine, there was still a special activity for hemorrhoids


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