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No matter which version of Ranches Story, mountain goods were one of the financial sources of the early stages of the game, from the earliest version of Ranches Story to various later versions.

The difference was the type of mountain goods.

Qin Lin had just started playing this new mobile game.

It had not been refreshed before, so he did not know what it was.

Gozzi was also a regular NPC in several versions of Ranches Story.

Like Zach, he loyally read his NPC lines and left with a log over his shoulder.

Qin Lin controlled the game character in his mind to enter Mount Notre Dame.

This time was indeed different from before.

As soon as he entered the mountain, he encountered collectible targets.

[Congratulations on obtaining 1 catty of wild Cherokee rose!]

He controlled the game character to go deeper.

Soon, a new collection target was discovered.

[Congratulations on obtaining 2 catties of wild myrtle!]

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[Congratulations on obtaining 2 catties of wild Cherokee rose!]

[Congratulations on obtaining 1 catty of wild myrtle!]

Qin Lin controlled his game character to collect all the targets that he could collect on Mount Notre Dame, but the notifications he received were all wild Cherokee roses and myrtles.

He wondered if Mount Notre Dame would only farm these two types of mountain goods, or if there would be any changes in the future.

Cherokee roses and myrtles were considered medicinal herbs and also a type of mountain goods.

These two things were also relatively common.

In fact, many artificial plants were not very expensive.

The ordinary ones were only about 10 to 15 yuan, and the pure wild ones were only 20 to 30 yuan.

However, these two mountain products had great use.

They were used for brewing wine.

Moreover, after the golden Cherokee roses wine was brewed, as long as it was aged, one catty of wild Cherokee roses wine could be sold for 150 yuan per catty.

Naturally, this meant that it had to be soaked for a year or two.

Usually, it was not so expensive if it was soaked for a month or two.

Whether it was wine or medicinal wine, the price would rise rapidly as time passed.

Besides, it gave him an idea.

Due to the uniqueness of Ranches Story, watermelons that originally needed three months to bear fruit in reality only needed more than ten hours in the game.

The flow of time was different.

Only when he entered the game would the flow of time become normal (Chapter 1).

According to this ratio, wouldnt leaving the brewed wine in the game for a day be equivalent to soaking for half a year

This simply had no time cost.

One month was equivalent to 15 years.

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However, it was not clear if the items outside would be affected by the special rules of this game.

He would have to experiment to find out.

Qin Lin retracted his attention from the game scene in his mind and found an empty place.

With a thought, he entered the game and headed to the storage room.

[Wild Cherokee Roses: Quality 2 (10 catties)]

[This is a special mountain product.

It is also a medicine that can be used to soak medicinal wine.

Effects: Treating frequent urination 2, nourishing the kidneys 2]

[Myrtle: Quality 2 (10 catties)]

[This is a special mountain product and also a medicine that can be used to soak medicinal wine.

Effect: Blood-nourishing, Qi-circulating, and Yang-enhancing effect 2!]

“…” Qin Lin looked at the introduction of these two things and suddenly felt that something was wrong with the game planner.

Nourishing the kidney


How could it have such effects

But what the… he liked it.

After brewing this wine and drinking it all year round, even at the age of 60, he would probably be able to become a super brave warrior.

However, these two were only 10 catties.

That was a little too little.

With such an effect, he definitely could not treat it the same as the ordinary Cherokee roses and myrtles on the market.

When this wine was brewed, people would buy it for 500 yuan per catty.

If it was older, 1,000 or 2,000 yuan per catty would not be a problem.

Besides, if he sold it directly, he would definitely soak it in wine.

After Qin Lin left the game, he left the villa and headed to the city.

Then, he went to the tobacco and alcohol market and bought 100 catties of 55° white wine.

The best ratio for making Cherokee roses and myrtles wine was 1:5, and the alcohol content had to exceed 50°.

Moreover, the price was not too cheap.

He directly chose a catty of 50 yuan white wine.

He could not use a catty of 10 yuan white wine, right

That would be embarrassing.

He would now test the validity of his guess about the ratio of time in this game.

Qin Lin transported 100 catties of white wine to the warehouse and went to the supermarket to buy two 60 catties worth of containers for brewing alcohol.

They were jars that could be sealed and faucets that could be used to brew alcohol.

There were a dozen other small containers in reserve.

After that, Qin Lin moved the white wine and the containers into the game and placed them directly in the storage room.

Then, the white wine, Cherokee roses, and myrtles were placed into the fermented wine container and sealed.

After everything was done, Qin Lin exited the game again.

When he looked at the game scene in his mind again, there were indeed two additional containers of wine in the storage room.

However, the scene was already different from what he had taken in.

From the outside, it looked like a two-dimensional scene like the game.

[Unknown medicinal wine!]

He controlled the game character to step forward.

For the time being, there was only this notification.

He would have to check the rest tomorrow.

When he returned to the villa, Gao Yaoyao ran to him and reported, “Boss, after limiting the purchase of medicinal honey water, the supply is still in short supply.

Can we increase the supply of medicinal honey water”

Qin Lin shook his head and said, “There are only so many of these every day.

Theres no way to increase the supply.”

Gao Yaoyao suggested, “Then should we add some other ordinary fruit tea and milk tea for the tourists to choose from”

“Yes, Ill arrange it tomorrow.” Qin Lin nodded.

This was also the original plan.

The medicinal honey water was not even enough for 1,500 people now.

There would be more in the future.

It was necessary to match it with other ordinary fruit tea and milk tea.

He would go back and tell Zhao Moqing about this.

Last time, he had gotten an order from his brother-in-law, Zhao Moyun.

The day passed again.

During the night, the turnover was calculated and still maintained at 400,000 yuan.

When he returned home, Zhao Moqing and Lin Fen were already back.

They were looking at some decorations on their phones.

On the side, Wang Cai could only lie there and lick its claws in boredom.

The two women at home had long ignored it.

“Woof, woof.” When Wang Cai saw Qin Lin return, it ran forward and rubbed against his leg.

“Youre back” Lin Fen was all smiles.

“Moqing and I went shopping today.

There are many decorations…”

She started babbling.

For her, it was an accomplishment.

Qin Lin was happy to see his mother happy.

His mother being happy every day was more important than anything else.

“By the way, when we move, we have to call your Uncle Ergen and Uncle Dalin.

As for your uncle and the others…” As Lin Fen spoke, her expression darkened.

“Forget it.

As for the others, we dont care.”

Qin Lin went forward and comforted her.

“Mom, since they used to dislike us, its fine if we dont interact with them anymore.

Lets live well and not stick to them.”

As the saying went, it was better to have a close neighbor than a distant relative.

Sometimes it was true.

When his father was seriously ill, there were people like Uncle Shuigen and Uncle Dalin who were generous.

There were also many people who avoided him.

They even hung up without a word when they received a call from his mother.

This included his two uncles.

He remembered the image of his mother coming to his door to plead.

His two uncles, who claimed all kinds of difficulties, had each bought a car after his father died.

Not that his two uncles had to lend money to them just because they had money.

After all, it was hard to earn money.

However, feelings went both ways.

Since they were heartless to him, there was no need for him to get involved with them anymore.

Otherwise, wouldnt he look cheap

Anyway, his grandparents had already passed away, so he could just treat them as relatives.


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