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“This is our villas Qinglin Medicine Wine, sir.” The waiter finally placed the bottle of medicinal wine, which was an imitation of an ancient bronze bottle, on the table.

Then he said, “Sir, we wont disturb your meal.

If you have any other needs, you can inform the server in the bridal chamber.”

With that, the waiter and the two kitchen chefs left.

“This medicinal wine bottle is so generous.” Wang Xiang took the Qinglin Medicine Wine in surprise.

“Well, I think its an antique.

It looks high-end,” the girl agreed, nodding.

“Do you want some” Wang Yang asked with a smile.

“Of course.” The girl smiled.

To her, drinking was a small matter.

If she played games in the nightclub, many men wouldnt be able to drink more than her.

Wang Yang smiled as he opened the wine and poured a glass for himself and the girl.

He picked up the glass, clinked it, and put it in his mouth to drink.

“Wow, this wine tastes surprisingly good.” Wang Yang couldnt help but praise again.

“Its aged well.” The girl nodded too.

She had tried all kinds of alcohol at the nightclub.

There had once been a party by a big boss group where she tried Moutai, which was more than ten years old.

But the taste of that Maotai seemed to be nothing compared to this wine.

The more he ate, the more he felt that he had lived in vain in the past.

What kind of trash did he eat in the past

He might know what the Supreme Set meal meant now.

Perhaps these were the delicacies that emperors enjoyed!

As he ate, Wang Yang suddenly stopped caring about the deliciousness of the food.

His expression gradually became strange, and he felt an inexplicable warmth flowing through his body.

It was very comfortable.

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Especially the warmth at his waist.

A feeling grew stronger, especially after drinking that wine.

This wine actually had such an effect

In the end, he simply put down his chopsticks and pulled the girl into the bridal chamber.

He closed the door firmly and drew the curtain…

The night grew darker.

More tourists were moving into the bridal area, making the area lively.

After the noise of the day, the villa was quiet again.

When Qin Lin walked into Zhao Moqings office, Zhao Moqing was busy with three accountants.

They were tabulating the villas business figures for the day.

Soon, Zhao Moqing said in surprise, “Todays data is out.


Qin Lin went to Zhao Moqings computer.

The total number of draws was 14,351 today, which was much less than the previous time.

However, the previous time was 50 yuan for a draw lot, and this time, it was 100 yuan.

Therefore, the turnover today was even higher, exceeding 1,435,000 yuan.

It was just that the turnover was more than 500,000 yuan more than the last melon king event.

The tickets for more than 2,300 tourists alone were sold for more than 350,000 yuan.

A villas daily turnover exceeded a million yuan.

This could be bragged about anywhere.

However, more than 800,000 of them had to enter another card.

The 800,000 was the turnover generated by the drifting, hotel, and dining services.

According to the contract of the villa and the countys support fund, the profits of these projects had to be returned to the county first.

Therefore, the remaining 800,000 yuan had to be transferred into the countys account, apart from maintaining the operation of these projects.

In other words, only more than 600,000 yuan could be transferred into the villas account today.

However, the villa ranch and villa project had already been completed during this period of time.

The factory did not need the villa to invest anymore.

The funds in the villas account had exceeded 10 million yuan today.


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