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Wang Yang hung up and immediately brought his female companion to the hall.

On the other side, Gao Yaoyao also put down the phone.

She made a call to everyone who had won the prize.


Chen and the other two tycoons wouldnt be coming today.

Today, only Wang Yang wanted to use the prize.

She left the office and headed for the special service area.

He was the first tourist to use the prize.

She had to keep an eye on things.

She didnt want anything to go wrong.

When Gao Yaoyao arrived at the service area, the two attendants greeted her.


“Sister Yaoyao!”

Gao Yaoyao nodded at the two girls.

A moment later, a young couple walked in.

“May I ask if this is the place to receive the Supreme Set” Wang Yang asked as soon as he entered.

Gao Yaoyao also knew who it was.

“Are you Mr.

Wang You can register here.”

One of the attendants chimed in.

“Please register here with your identity card, sir.

Well arrange it for you immediately.”

Wang Yang took out his identity card to register.

The attendant checked and said, “Sir, well call the restaurant immediately to arrange it for you.

There will be a special seat reserved for you.”

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Hearing the attendants words, the girl immediately said anxiously, “We cant go to the restaurant… There are too many people…”

“” Gao Yaoyao.

“” The attendants.

The restaurant must be crowded.

There was nothing they could do about that.

This womans reaction was a little strange.

The girl hurriedly explained, “Im saying that there are too many people in the restaurant.

If we eat this Supreme Set meal, it will definitely attract attention.

Were not used to it.”

“Can you send it to the small courtyard outside the bridal chamber” Wang Yang also understood what his female companion meant.

If it was eye-catching, someone would definitely take a video.

If it became popular online, she would be exposed.

Gao Yaoyao nodded.

“Since Mr.

Wang has a request, well definitely do as you say.

Leave us your room number and well arrange it for you immediately.”

Wang Yang nodded.

After registering, he returned to the bridal chamber with his female companion.

Then, he couldnt help but take out his phone and take a screenshot of the news of him winning the Supreme Set meal.

He posted it on his WeChat Moments.

Title: Im about to enjoy the Supreme Set meal of Qinglin Villa.

This might be the only time in my life.

A moment after this post was posted, he received several likes.

“Brother Yang, did you go to Qinglin Villa Why didnt you ask me out”

“Brother Xiang, how dare you not bring me along I wont go to your party anymore.”


Then, Wang Yang realized that he had received a WeChat message from someone called Baby Wei.

“Brother Xiang, did you really win a prize I also want to eat the Supreme Set.

Can I go over and look for you now”

“Didnt you come with your boyfriend (Chapter 132)” Wang Yang sent a stunned expression.

Baby Wei immediately replied, “Ill bring my boyfriend over to eat!”

“…” Wang Yang sighed when he saw this.

He directly opened the list and deleted her contact.

Having fun at the nightclub was one thing, but he was also ethical.

It was one thing to know that the other party had a partner and a husband.

After all, if they didnt meet, they wouldnt be exposed.

But messing around in front of the other partys partner and husband was playing with fire.

He had no intention of playing with fire.

And women who played with fire were very dangerous in the nightclub.

It was better to interact less with them.

When it was dark, Wang Yang saw two chefs pushing a cart and two food trucks following a waiter over.


Wang, were serving you now,” the waiter asked Wang.

Seeing Wang Yang nod, the waiter began to move the food on the dining cart to the table in the courtyard.

The table in the courtyard was actually bigger than the dining rooms.

On rainy days and in the sun, one could even open a very large parasol.

It was even more stylish than the dining room.

Wang Yang and his female companion were already seated at the table.

It was fine for the chef and the waiter to bring the okra, conch, eel, and wild fish to the table.

However, when the porcelain that was specially used to steam the Xiangshui Tribute Rice was brought to the table and the lid was opened, Wang Yang and his female companion suddenly smelled a mellow fragrance.

The two of them had eaten rice every day since they were young.

This was the first time they had smelled such a mellow fragrance.

The tip of their noses twitched.

The glutton in them had been lured out.

“This Xiangshui Tribute Rice smells so good!” the girl couldnt help exclaiming.

“Yes, lets try it.” Wang Yang nodded and picked up the bowl to help himself and the girl get a bowl of rice.

With just one bite, their eyes were filled with disbelief again.

The texture and taste were too good.

Although Qin Lin only took out Quality 1 Xiangshui Tribute Rice this time, it was definitely something the two of them had never eaten before.

“This is the Xiangshui Tribute Rice” Wang Yang was surprised.

He had never thought that rice could be so delicious.

Thinking about how he had said on the Internet that the Xiangshui Tribute Rice was an IQ tax, he felt a little embarrassed.

“This fish is also very delicious,” the girl exclaimed again.

Wang Yang also picked up the fish.

With just one bite, he felt that the fish he had eaten in the past were all rubbish.

Then, he picked up the conch and eel and took a bite.

Every time he ate something, he was more shocked.

He couldnt begin to describe the dishes.

Had he never tried a conch or an eel Hed tried a lot of them, but he had no idea they could taste so good.


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