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The house was settled, the contract was signed, and the down payment was made quickly.

It was just that it took time to apply for a follow-up mortgage and transfer the property.

Previously, he had even booked a car.

Now, he could not fork out four million yuan in one go.

He could only take out a loan first.

These sales centers would also run errands.

When the time came, he would just sign them.

He didnt have to worry about them.

After signing the contract for such a hardcover house, he got the key first.

The furnished room had been aired for a long time.

After cleaning up, they could move in directly.

After leaving the property sales center, Zhao Moqing maintained a happy expression.

Buying a house was a big deal for any woman.

Having their own house was the real home for her and Qin Lin.

As soon as they returned to the villa, Lin Fen couldnt help but ask, “Lin Lin, Moqing, hows the house”

“Mom, the contract has been signed.

We can change the locks and pack up tomorrow.” Zhao Moqing took Lin Fens arm and handed the contract to her.

Clutching the contract, her face lit up with excitement.

“Ill go pack with you tomorrow.”

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After her husband passed away, she sold her familys house and couldnt leave it for her son.

Now that she saw her son buying a house, she was even more excited than Zhao Moqing.

Looking at Lin Fens expression, Qin Lin was also very happy.

He planned to let Master Lin kill a big fellow tonight and have fun with the employees of the villa.

As he was thinking about it, his phone rang.

It was Ma Liewen.

He had wanted to fill the membership before, but he didnt have the business, so he kept the number.

As soon as the call was picked up, Ma Liewens voice sounded.

“Boss Qin, congratulations.

The medicine is popular and business is booming!”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Mr.

Ma, what can I do for you”

Ma Liewen also said, “Boss Qin, Ill bring someone over in two days to help me get some special quality okra!”

“Alright.” Qin Lin smiled and agreed.

Apart from the Quality 2 Watermelon that could be directly planted in the villa, there was no other supply of Quality 2 Watermelon.

The Quality 2 okra had long been stored in the game.

The day passed again.

During the night, the bustling villa fell silent again.

The statistics for the new day at the villa had also been calculated.

The limit was still 1,500 people and the admission fee was 75,000 yuan.

20 out of 25 Quality 2 watermelons were sold for a total of 23,000 yuan.

This was a good sign.

After all, a Quality 2 watermelons cost more than 1,000 yuan.

Previously, not many of them could be sold in a day.

As the villa became popular, there were obviously many more customers with high spending power.

It was not like in the beginning, when the watermelons of Quality 2 were still not selling well and had to be packed up for Ma Liewen.

Quality 1 okra, yam, and broccoli came to a total of 54,775 yuan.

The medicinal honey water was sold out for a total of 145,540 yuan!

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1,200 catties of Quality 1 strawberry and 68 Quality 1 watermelon were sold out for a total of 68,080 yuan.

A total of 37,880 yuan for the games wild fish, fishing rod rental, stove, barbecue grill rental, jungle adventure, and grass-skiing projects.

There was also wholesale fruit and seafood.

As the supply increased, the turnover reached 21,860 yuan.

With the addition of the medicinal honey water project, the villas turnover today reached 426,135 yuan, breaking through 400,000 yuan and reaching a new high.

Its per capita consumption reached 284 yuan, but it was still a little shabby.

However, it was very impressive to have a turnover of 400,000 yuan.

Other than Qin Lin, Gao Yaoyao and the other employees were also happy.

This was because it was soon the 15th of the month.

Just now, Zhao Moqing had already calculated the employees salary last month and sent it to the employees WeChat group so that they could check it.

The salary of the villa was the same as the previous Fuhai Villa.

Besides the villa paying for their insurance, the salary was given on the 15th of the following month, which was equivalent to 15 days of salary.

Other than Gao Yaoyaos initial batch of employees, the other employees couldnt get a full months salary.

The newcomers wouldnt even get their salary until next month.

However, when they saw Gao Yaoyao and the others salaries, the other employees were inexplicably looking forward to it.

This was because the employees received a commission from some projects in the villa.

Gao Yaoyaos salary was 4,500 83 commission!

The other three waiters who worked for the entire month were paid 3,500 83.

The salary was not high, and the commission was only 83 yuan.

However, it had only been two days since the official opening of the villa last month.

In other words, the 83 yuan was the villas commission for two days.

Wouldnt it be more than 1,200 yuan a month

To Youcheng County, more than 1,200 yuan a month was definitely delightful.

“Sister Moqing, let me see this months commission.” Gao Yaoyao looked at Zhao Moqing with watery eyes.

She naturally wanted to see this months commission.

As the foreman, she naturally knew that the turnover behind the villa was increasing.

The commission would definitely be higher than those two days.

“Come in and take a look.

Dont do it again!” When Zhao Moqing saw this, she didnt refuse.

Firstly, Gao Yaoyao was the manager and the villa had to be nurtured.

It was definitely impossible if the waiter came to ask.

Secondly, she could also motivate the employees through Gao Yaoyao.

The software used to calculate salary at the villa was a company app specially customized by Qin Rens studio.

It did not have many functions.

In the current era of the Internet, this thing was not expensive.

There was a special template, and the other party would make some changes according to your needs.

Only Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing had the backstage management account password.

“1123, that much” Gao Yaoyao exclaimed when she saw the commission for the past 10 days.

The number was clearly beyond her expectations.

It hadnt even been half a month.

Didnt that mean that she could draw more than 2,500 yuan next month

Then her salary would be 7,000 yuan.

In Youcheng County, where the average salary was 3,000 to 4,000 yuan, 7,000 yuan was definitely a high salary.

She would save 4,000 yuan a month and be able to make a down payment on a small car as a gift when she turned 20 next year.

She was excited just thinking about it.

The others were obviously attracted by Gao Yaoyaos voice.

For some reason, everyone became more enthusiastic about cleaning, especially the waiters.

Their commission was the same as Gao Yaoyaos.

Qin Lin clearly felt this too, Other than the Hero Valley, there shouldnt be anyone else in Youcheng County who could give the employees commission.

After all, the customer flow had not reached a certain level.

Even if they wanted to motivate the employees, they would not dare to do so.

Early the next morning, a construction team appeared on the other side of the villa.

It was Youcheng County First Construction Company.

Qin Lin had just moved everything out of the game and sent them to the villa in batches when President Sun of Youcheng County Construction Engineering Company came to look for him.

President Suns name was Sun Ming.

He had also brought a blueprint with him.

“Boss Qin, other than the drifting project, the general plan is that the Sea of Flowers will be in the wasteland to the west and the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea will be at the two ends of the villa.

It wont cause fatigue from viewing.

The accommodation area will be between the two Sea of Flowers.

Take a closer look at the specific blueprint.”

Qin Lin took the plan and looked at it.

It was all according to his requirements.

First, there was a restaurant.

After all, there were many recipes in Ranches Story that could definitely be used.

After that, there was the bridal chamber project and the Sea of Flowers project.

The bridal chamber project included a resting area with many seats, cradles, and swings for tourists to rest.

There naturally wouldnt be too many bridal chambers, only 100-150.

With the development of the villa, this number was far from enough to meet the number of tourists.

However, he did not intend to do more.

This was only to perfect the role of the villas facilities.

There was no need to compete with the county for that bit of overnight resources.

Only by allowing more tourists to live in the county could it stimulate tourists spending more and also show the importance of the mountain villa to the countys all-inclusive tourism plans.

After confirming that there was no problem with the blueprint, Qin Lin said, “President Sun, other than the projects supported by this county, I have some other projects that I need your help with.

Ill fund these projects myself after this.”

“Go ahead, President Qin.” Sun Ming didnt refuse.

He had already accepted the Mountain Villa Support Fund project, so he didnt mind taking on two more projects.

Qin Lin thought for a moment and said, “President Sun, first of all, I want to build an employee dormitory.

In addition, I want to build a manor villa for high-end tourists and plan the ranch in the remaining area.”

How could Ranches Story not have a ranch

When the ranch was developed in the game, there would be many livestock breeds.

One had to know that there were even cows that could produce strawberry-flavored milk in the game.

Therefore, they could prepare for this aspect first.

These were originally the next step of the plan.

After the county approved the support funds, the plan could be brought forward accordingly.

“Then Ill go back and see how to plan it.

Ill discuss it with President Qin later” Sun Ming noted down Qin Lins request and went to command the engineering team.

He had to keep an eye on the first day.

Qin Lin returned to the villas hall.

His mother and Zhao Moqing did not come today.

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law could not wait to go to the bridal chamber to clean up.

He looked at the mental screen and controlled the game character to wander around the map until he reached the forested hills behind the ranch.

The mountain was called Mount Notre Dame.

It was also a big map in the game.

In the older version of the game, it was possible to enter Mount Notre Dame and look for mountain goods for sale.

This version of the game was a little different from many of the older versions.

He had controlled the game character to visit Mount Notre Dame a few times before, but he did not discover anything special.

The mountain goods did not refresh either.

This time, an NPC appeared when he entered Mount Notre Dame.

It was Loggerhead Gozzi from Ore Town.

Gozzi said, “Mountains are a gift to the world.

In addition to the endless supply of wood, there are a lot of mountain goods that people like.

Who knows, Zach might like to buy those things.”

Qin Lin looked delighted when he saw the NPCs conversation.

So he could look for mountain goods


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