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Replace Your Life (18) The choice of adults, of course… (2)


[Host, what are the chances of you actually paying for it yourself】

“No way, so I can’t spend all the money” Tong Ling set a small goal for herself, “Just give me three years and I will spend all the money! I won’t leave a penny to others!”

M577 became speechless, […really promising.】

Tong Ling tea was full of apologies to Ye Huan, “My sister… uses too much, I’m sorry…”

“It’s not your fault.” Ye Huan comforted Tong Ling.

Ye Huan’s words of comfort were obviously misunderstood by Shen Man again, “You are hopeless!”

After scolding Ye Huan, Shen Man said to Tong Ling, “You have also seen how my son acted.

Do you really want to be a substitute, a plaything that can’t be put on the family records”

Tong Ling was silent.

In her heart, she said to the system, “Look, the key lines are followed, Shen Man’s banquet plot is over.”

M577: […..]  

That’s it This is not insulting at all, on the contrary, Shen Man was persuading her.

This was not an abusive plot to the female common fodder. 

M577 looked at the equipment.

This rigid machine really couldn’t detect any problems, so he shut up obediently.

“To be honest, there are many young talents at this banquet.

You’re better off choosing someone else than him.” Ye Huan was shocked when Shen Man’s words fell.

“Mom! What are you talking about!”, Ye Huan had never seen Shen Man be so kind to any woman.

She was obviously the same as Yu Yurou, so why was there such a big difference in treatment

It was unreasonable to drive away Yu Yurou before, but now to drive him away….

 Ye Xu on the side couldn’t help laughing, “I agree with Mrs.

Shen’s statement.”

“Xiao Ling, you can choose someone else.” Ye Xu did not forget to add fuel to the fire, “This man is not worthy of you.”

“Ye Xu, don’t get involved.” Shen Man knows her son is not good enough, but she doesn’t want others scolding for her.

“Aren’t you like Ye Huan, who also likes Yu Yurou Don’t tell me Yu Ling is the person you like”

Tong Ling looked at the two with wide eyes.

“What You’re surprised that I can get along with Ye Xu so harmoniously” Shen Man rarely explained patiently: “The rumors from the outside world are right, Ye Xu has brought a lot of trouble to the Ye family.”

“But in the shopping mall.

There is no permanent enemy and I admire capable people very much.”

Shen Man smiled at Tong Ling, “This is the same for your case.

I don’t mind a person’s ambition, as long as they have the ability to be worthy of that ambition, then I will give them a chance.”

Tong Ling was also more interested in the role of Shen Man, “Then I can ask Mrs.

Shen, why didn’t you give my sister a chance”

“Your sister” Shen Man didn’t have a good impression of Yu Yurou.

“She is too greedy.”

“She wants a lot, yet she doesn’t know how to grab one for herself and she still doesn’t want to reject others.

Why should I give her a chance when she is such a person”

In the original plot, Yu Yurou, who came back from studying abroad, has greatly improved her ability.

At that time, Shen Man really didn’t cause her much trouble.

It’s just unknown whether Yu Yurou now has the stable attitude to improve herself…

“You are different from your sister.” Shen Man praised Tong Ling, “You know what you want, you have a clear purpose and you refuse temptation.

With this character, your future achievements will not be low.”

It seems that Shen Man still doesn’t know much about her.

How could she possibly resist temptation She wants too much, she is more greedy than Yu Yurou, and the way she rejects  seems like another request.

The choice of adults, of course, is all that matters.


———End of this chapter. -

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