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999 roses for you Bad news : Sense of gloom

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At noon exactly 12pm :

Mrs Narh entered Global Cooperation holding a cute packaged lunch. The receptionist upon Mrs Narh walked up to her with a polite smile.

Good afternoon Ma .Let me help you upwards with your parcel.

Oh no no don bother young lady I can manage and don bother sending me up. I know my way dear. Thanks dear

Okay Maam have a good day.

Saying that she went back to her position and attended to the various clients requesting for appointment whilst Mrs Narh made her way upstairs.

She climbed into the elevator all the way to the 21st floor to see little 9.

Upon reaching with a little knock she pulled the door open and peeked in like a kid to sneak a look at what her little 9 is doing.

Lina was busy signing a stack of documents when she sensed a presence in the room. Without looking up she knew who was it.

The silence stretched on for about 5 minutes before Lina looked up helplessly.

Damdam when will you stop behaving that way.

How many times will you peek at me unless you are satisfied before you come in.

I know my beauty is extraordinary but Damdam is okay.

Snorting she made her way into the room. Tsk who said am admiring your beauty

Lina rolled her eyes when she hears her because she knows shes about start again.

My baby how could you say that to Damdam. You know Ive seen beauties far good than you. I just wanted to look at the scenery small

Aiyo Damdam is lying

Damdam do you dare say that Im not beautiful.

Of course you are but you

e just ordinary not beautiful. She said

Aye my pitiful heart is so broken. No one loves me anymore. Lina said whilst fake tears rolled down.

Tsk..Tsk.. you never change. Stop this drama and focus on the food before you.

Okay Damdam. Lina said and started eating obediently.

Look at her behaving like a chameleon easily changing her tactics.

Hehehehe...Damdam loves me like this.

Yeah yeah yeah now eat.

Lina started eating happily with her Damdam and chatting about various topics when suddenly Damdam had a notification from her phone.

She excuses herself to pick up then started nagging

Aiyo old man I just left not even to an hour and you miss me. Tsk..Tsk...

Darling where are you now ?

Im with Damdam.

Whats she doing

We were eating and conversing when you called to spoil the mood.

Hearing the unhappiness in his wifes voice the man could only shake his head happily but now was not the time to respond to his wife when there was am urgency matter pressing at hand.

Darling I want you to take Damdams phone and everything that will make her have access to the internet and bring her to the old mansion now. He said

Old man why... Why are you serious this way ? whats wrong...? Damdam asked when she finally noticed the anxiousness and seriousness in the conversation her husband solemnly told her because it could mean only one thing. Little 9 is in trouble.

Without waiting for her husbands reply she said okay okay Ill do so immediately and hung up the call.

Without washing a second she turned to the internet and saw netizens scolding her precious 9 badly. She scrolled further saw the message and turned pale immediately.

Without a second glance to her phone she immediately sprinted to little 9 and took hold of her phone when she saw she had a call.

Damdam whats up Lina frowned and asked. Thats an important call from my client and you stopped me from picking it up. She pouted.

No no you can pick this call or go online. Damdam said

Why ...? Lina asked finally sensing the urgency in her tone.

She looked her in the eyes and a sense of gloom and uneasiness suddenly started enveloping her. Alarmed she quickly did as she was told but not without asking questions but the only answers where silence.

Finally unable to hold it in.she screamed and got annoyed. Damdam tell me you

e scaring me.

Finally under little 9 oppression she told her and why she should hurry home because they had to think of a way to settle this matter.

Linas gaze turned continuously colder and menacing as she listened and even Damdam was shocked and panicked at the same time.

Cooling her down she said Little 9 don be rush and lets go to the old mansion and think things through and also listened to your explanation. Now breathe in and out.

Okay she finally conceded did as was instructed but left a warning in the company before leaving with Damdam towards the old mansion.

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