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1 Chapter 9

~ I went to the Knights and was certified as a Hero ~

Translated by Raizu

Edited by Mirp


I missed dinner last night, so I ate my lunch slowly after waking up.

Phinea was also quietly serving today without making fun of us.

When our eyes met, a gentle smile appeared on her face.

Once I realized that it’s 『I understand』 face she was making, I became slightly annoyed.

[Well, what are we going to do today]

[Dunno, there’s nothing in particular that I have to do.]

By the way, when I asked Marl about marriage, and if it was appropriate since we were both adventurers.

Citizens and aristocrats who had settled down in the city are supposed to submit a marriage registration form to the government office, follow the prescribed procedures, and have a wedding ceremony, etc.

But in the case of adventurers, at most, they needed to register their surname etc.

at the adventurer’s guild.

Then, I asked her if we should go for it.

[Yes, let’s do it!]

[Then, let’s go to the guild.]

After re-registering, we can drink tea and alcohol there, and if we’re bored, we can move our bodies at the training ground.

Besides, it’s about time we had enough funds, equipment, and strength to go to another city.

Having come to a different world, it’s not a bad idea to travel while sightseeing.

I haven’t fully explored Crossroad yet either, so maybe I should look into that first.

Marl nodded obediently as if she had no objections, so after finishing our meal we headed to the adventurer’s guild.

[Yo, you’re here.

The knights are calling you.]

As soon as we arrived at the guild, old man Woz greeted us with something like that.

Was it related to the previous troll extermination

When I asked the old man, it seems that I’m the only one who’s been summoned.

In other words, I can’t take Marl with me.

[What do you think]

[…Inviting me to join the Knights, probably.]

In contrast to the happy expression she had in the morning, Marl’s expression turned serious.

I feel that the atmosphere was somewhat tense.

[It was a way of saying that it was a call or an invitation.

I don’t think you will be treated badly.]

On the other hand, old man Woz sounded optimistic.

I’m worried about Marl’s attitude, but if the other party was a knight order, I can’t help but be suspicious too.

[I don’t know what’s going on, so please stay in the guild, Marl.

It’s still a long way off, but I’m planning to move to another city, so I’ll ask you to find a good place to collect information.]

[I understand.

Please be very careful, Taichi-san.]

If she stays in the guild, nothing should happen to her.

I left the guild and headed to the knights’ station.

If I remember correctly, it should be in the West District.

Oh, I forgot to re-register our names for marriage.


When I visited the garrison of the royal army, it seemed that my visit had already been known, and I was guided to the knights’ office.

Crossroads was one of the cities belonging to the Kingdom of Karendil, and was ruled by governors that changed every five years.

The governor was supposed to be a powerful aristocrat within the Karendil Kingdom, and it seemed that aristocrats with a title of count or higher would be appointed.

By the way, the nobility titles in Karendil Kingdom from the highest to lowest were as follows: Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, Baron, Associate Baron.

In reality, there were other minor things, such as those who had been awarded the rank of knight.

They were also treated as nobles.

It seemed that there were also honorary aristocrat titles that couldn’t be inherited.

For example, mercenaries and adventurers who have demonstrated military deeds were sometimes appointed as honorary chevaliers.

All of this knowledge is second-hand from Marl by the way.

So, what was I doing when I was called

[I, I submit!]

[That’s it! Winner, Taichi-dono!]

For some reason, I ended up having a mock battle with the knights.

After being guided, I had to wait for a while, so I raised my sword mastery, polearms mastery to level 4, and martial art to level 3.

Other magic that I had learned was also now at level 3.

As a result, I won consecutive battles against knights with higher ranks.

Come to think of it, martial arts wasn’t on the list of available skills.

If there were skills that are not written on the skill list, it seems that the verification of skill acquisition will be quite difficult.

I still have points left, so I’m thinking of acquiring some useful magic skills.

[Aside from being able to use that much magic, you also have sword skills…]

[It’s rare to find talent like this among adventurers, so don’t underestimate them.]

The knights observing the mock battle were whispering.

Fuhihi you’re completely wrong, since this is a cheat.

My next opponent stepped forward and bowed.

I also bowed and raised my training sword at ready.

Even if it’s called a training sword, it’s still an iron sword.

Even with its blade dulled, if you got hit with an exceptional strike, your flesh might split and break your bones.

It’s just something that’s slightly better than a serious one.

A measure to help you feel like you’re in a real battle, even if it may cause injury.

Though it’s probably inconsequential since the mages could just heal the injuries.


The opponent’s knight raised his voice and attacked.

While side-stepping the sword swing, I pivoted around, and threw my body into the knight’s unguarded back.

It was my attempt to do a Tetsuzanko (also known as ‘iron mountain lean’ or just ‘iron mountain’), but maybe because my martial art skill is at level 3, I managed to knock away a knight wearing metal armor.

However, the knocked-out knight regained his balance with an excellent sense of balance and attacked again.



Next time, we clashed with our swords.

As expected from someone with sword mastery level 3, the knight’s swordsmanship was sharp and powerful.

But now, I’m level 4 at swords mastery, which was comparable to a world-class master.

I parried the incoming sword swing, and struck the gauntlets that gripped the sword.

The referee yelled out when he hit the neck of the knight who had dropped his sword.

[Winner! Taichi-dono!]

The knights in the gallery erupted in cheers and applause at Captain Waltz’s declaration.

I shook hands with my mock battle opponent, bowed to each other, and put the mock sword back into its scabbard.

The opponent seemed to have injured his hand as he directly headed to the mage who is in charge of treatment.

Unfortunately, today’s mage was a middle-aged man, not that blond, busty mage-chan.

[That’s wonderful swordsmanship, to be a member of our knight order… No, why don’t you become our family’s swordsmanship instructor]

Tawning-san, the leader of the knights stationed at Crossroads, called out to me.

He was a genuine aristocrat with the rank of Viscount.

[No, no, it’s an honor, but I like the free and unrestrained adventurer’s business.

And I’m not confident in my etiquette, so that kind of thing is a bit.]

[Hmm, that’s a pity.]

When I waved my hands and smiled wryly, Commander Tawning groaned with regret.

I think I can live without any inconvenience, but I don’t want to serve the Palace.

Because if I do, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to flirt in the morning.


[Well, then, what kind of business did you have today]

As soon as I was guided, I was suddenly thrown into a mock battle, but I don’t think this was the only reason.

[Umu, Waltz said that there is an adventurer who was worth seeing.

I wanted to see your ability with my own eyes.

And also to give you a reward for your success in slaying the trolls the other day.]

A butler-like person behind me brought something like a black tray.

[Giving money directly is a problem in terms of the system.

I don’t mean to say it’s a replacement, but please accept this.]

Saying that, Commander Tawning held out a dagger from the top of the tray.

I respectfully receive it with both hands and bow my head.

The dagger that was bestowed was housed in a leather scabbard and was heavy.

[Can I take it out and see]

Commander Tawning nodded at my words.

Excuse me, I mumbled, then unsheathed the dagger.

It was obvious at a glance from the color of the steel, which reflected a dull sunlight, that it’s a well tempered dagger.

The tip was sharp, and the blade was thick and rugged.

The handle was engraved with an unknown pattern.

I’ve seen it somewhere before.

Ah, it’s a stripping knife that appears in a certain hunting game that was popular in my original world.

(TL note: Monster Hunter series)

[It’s a rugged yet beautiful gem.]

When I activated the appraisal eye, it was displayed as a hunter knife.

It didn’t have any special effects, but it seemed to be a pretty good product.

I put it back in the scabbard and used the belt attached to the scabbard to secure it behind my waist.

It has a stopper so it won’t come off by itself, and it’s a perfect fit.

[You seem to like it.]

[Yes, thank you]

I was wondering if I should buy a dagger, so it was just right.

It’s a good item, and it might be rude to refuse it now.

[By the way, are you still in town for a while]

[Well…it’s not tomorrow, but I think I’ll be moving in the not too distant future.

I haven’t decided where I’m going yet.]

[Fumu, please tell the knights where you’re going before you leave.

Most of the Kingdom’s large towns are garrisoned by the Royal Army, so I can write you a letter of introduction.]

I sincerely thanked Commander Tawning for his offer.

I don’t really know what kind of benefit I’d get if I got a letter of introduction, but I’m sure they’re saying it with good intentions, so I’ll accept it honestly.

[By the way, I heard that Taichi-dono is also good at magic…]

Are you still going at it!


As expected, it was too dangerous to shoot magic at each other, so we decided to undergo mage training together instead.

I didn’t know the detailed theory, so I had no idea what would happen.

[Welcome to the Karendil Kingdom Magic Corps, Crossroad Platoon]

Commander Tawning took us to the magic corps station a short walk from the knights’ training grounds.

It seems that there were organizations such as the Magic Corps and the Knight Order within the Karendil Kingdom’s large organization.

Packed there was Mage-chan from the other day and other members of the Magic Corps.

I introduced myself while shaking hands with the members of the Magic Corps.

Turns out mage-chan’s name was Lynette.

[By the way, before starting training, could you tell me your specialty attributes]

[Specialty attribute]

The one who asked was a middle-aged mage from the knights’ training ground earlier.

He seems to be the platoon leader of the Crossroads platoon.

I believe his name was Marcus.

Looking at him with an appraisal eye, he was an Honorary Baron.

[ Don’t you know your own specialty attributes]

[Oh, I don’t know.

I had my master teach me magic, but I skipped over the theory and stuff like that and just learned how to do it.]

[I-I see, it was a unique training, wasn’t it]

With a cramped smile as he said that, he took out something like a palm-sized glass ball.

Did he just take it out of nowhere just now I wonder if he can use the treasure box.

[Try holding this for about 30 seconds, and you’ll know roughly how much magical power you have and what attributes you’re good at.]


When I grabbed the glass ball that was handed to me, it started to get hot after about ten seconds.

The light is also flickering violently and it’s clearly a dangerous atmosphere.

[Oh, hey, is this okay]

[Oh, isn’t it strange Did it break down]

While we were talking, the flickering of the light became intense, and the sphere began to tremble.

Why is it so scary! And hot!


With a sound, the glass bulb cracked and the light subsided.

Silence enveloped the area.

[I, uh, I guess I broke this, Sorry.]

[Aaa umm, don’t worry about it]

Marcus received the broken glass ball from the top of my palm.

Then, he turned around and called out to Lynette and the others.

[Bring me a measuring instrument from the warehouse in the back, hurry up.]

[Y, yes!]

Lynette-chan and several other people rushed into the back of the room.

Marcus grabbed my shoulder and wouldn’t let go.]

[Well, well, well, well…let’s sit down and have a nice chat.

Commander Tawning, please come and join us.]

With a powerful smile, I was pulled to the table without saying yes or no.

Commander Tawning and Commander Waltz, who accompanied him, also had a stern expression.

[Your name is Taichi, aren’t you Where are you from]

[Ah, it’s in the countryside.

It’s called Chikyu, but I don’t think you know.]

[I see, Chikyu.]

While doing so, the mages who left earlier brought something like crystal balls and lithographs.

Marcus-san spread them out on the desk and connected something like a metal wire from the base of the crystal ball to the lithograph.

Then, a small jewel-like object was inserted into the slate, and when the slate was traced several times at the end, the part where the letters were written began to glow.

The crystal ball itself emits a faint light.

[This is]

[It’s a magic tool called a status checker.

It quantifies a person’s magical power and ability values, and displays the skills they have acquired.

Unfortunately, a full-fledged one like this would require expensive magic crystals to operate, so it’s not widespread.]

It seemed that Marcus finished his preparations while saying that a new model with low operating costs had recently been developed in the royal capital.

[Come on, Taichi-kun! Put your hand on the crystal ball!]

I’m honestly worried, but it’s not an atmosphere that I can refuse.

I wonder if it will be found out that I have a strange ability.

As I put my hand on the crystal ball while thinking about such things, glittering letters began to appear in the air.


【Name】Taichi Mitsuba

【Age】19 years old


【Endurance】182 【Magic Power】503

【Strength】 156 【Vitality】 161【Agility】 141

【Dexterity】 117 【Magic】 260

[Skills] Sword Mastery 4, Martial Art 3, Polearms Mastery 4, Shooting 1,

Magic Combat 2, Fire magic 3, Water magic 3, Wind magic 3, Earth magic 3, Pure magic 3,

Life magic, Recovery magic 3, Physical enhancement 1, Magic power enhancement 1, Magic power recovery 1,

Negotiation 2, Cooking 1, Appraisal eye.


Whoa, my status was being exposed.

An amazing status checker, but my level is displayed as rank instead.

However, skill points don’t seem to be displayed.

I mean, 19 years old I’m 29 years old.

Had I been rejuvenated I certainly said goodbye to my overweight belly.

[No wa—, this is amazing]

After saying that, I looked around, but everyone here was stuck with their mouths wide open.

What’s going on

[At only rank 12, this value is all abnormal, but not only that, his amount of mana is exceptionally abnormal.]

[Swords and polearms mastery are both at 4, this is…!]

Starting with Marcus, Captain Waltz, Lynette-chan and other mages were spinning words of astonishment.

Oh-oh, I have a bad feeling about this.

『…He’s (gotta be) a Hero.』

[No, it’s not like that, really.]

I immediately deny it.

It’s fine if I’m a very strong adventurer, but I don’t want to become a hero because it seems like I’ll have obligations and ties.

Am I going to be forced to kill the Demon King then thrown away without paying me a lot of money! Just like a famous game! Just like a famous game!

[As I said earlier, I was just living with my master in the countryside.

Both of my parents were not of heroic bloodline, but from ordinary families.

My master took me in after both of my parents passed away.]

[Give up.

If you get this number at that rank, there’s no way to deceive it.

Or rather, your origin doesn’t matter.]

Commander Tawning shook his head.

Wait, the basic difference is the increase in stats

[Listen, every time an ordinary person goes up one rank, each ability value only increases by about 1 to 3.

Although the initial value fluctuates to some extent depending on the quality, this number is clearly abnormal, except for Heroes.

Especially the magic power value, which is outstanding.]

Marcus-san followed up.

Kuh, I couldn’t come up with an excuse.

[Ah…I surrender.

What will happen when it comes to being a hero]

[First of all, there are some obligations.

One is the obligation to report the place of stay.

You have to report where you are to the national army of the country you are staying in, or the adventurer’s guild.

If the Hero receives a request to appear from the country where he is staying, he has an obligation to comply with that request.]

Commander Tawning answered.

Putting aside the first duty, the second duty was troublesome.

And what if I’m already in the middle of another request Are you going to let me go

[On the other hand, there are also benefits that can be received from the country.

One is the issuance of a bill of passage that allows unconditional movement between countries.

In addition to the second duty item, if the country is able to, the Hero will be able to receive full support from the country of residence for any matter that the Hero was involved in at that time.

For example, if you’re working as an adventurer, you don’t have to throw away the request.

The country of residence will take over everything on its own responsibility.]

I see, there are fewer restrictions than I thought.

[There are many other things, but that’s about it.

As a country, we want to borrow the great power of the Hero, and we have to prepare enough compensation.

Generally, the knights are the most often requesters.

It will be about exterminating monsters that are difficult to deal with with the military power of the country.]

[…Does that mean that it will be used as a shared force limited to anti-monsters that transcends the boundaries of countries]

To my words, Commander Tawning raised an eyebrow.

[I don’t want to think about it too much.

I don’t want to be embroiled in a quarrel with other nations as my opponents.]

I’ve seen stories like that in my original world.

It’s the end of the Hero.

[That’s wise.

At a later date, you will be asked to go to the Royal Capital to be officially recognized as a Hero.]

Commander Tawning stood up from his seat and left with Captain Waltz.

Leaving only the members of the Magic Corps staying behind.

[You are the first Hero to appear in the Karendil Kingdom in fifty years.

It must be hard, but do your best.]

Marcus patted me in the shoulder as if to show his appreciation.

Since there’s a professional mage here, why don’t we ask him about various things

That’s right, for now, let’s hear some useful magic for the camp.

[Aside from that, can I ask you to teach me about magic I learned the four major attributes and pure magic from my master, but I only know the names of other magic…]

I can’t help but smell excited.

Information is a weapon.

Let’s collect as much as we can.



A mutant of the human species, said to have an physical and magical growth rate that in average was more than twice that of a normal person, and a maximum of more than six times that of a normal person.

It was said to be only one in a million to several hundred thousand people.

Due to a treaty signed by each country 500 years ago, they did not belong to a specific nation, and were considered a common force in the world against beings that posed a threat to human species (large monsters such as dragons).

It was said that an experienced hero can single-handedly subjugate a dragon that a battalion of knights couldn’t.

Heroes who acted after ratifying the treaty were protected and granted privileges by each country.

It was said that the Demon Lord who was said to have plotted to conquer the world in the past was actually a Hero.


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